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Dec 30, 2012 9:00am PST
environment, nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. ha is the nature of negotiations. that happens with lots of things that are not major headline stories. it's part of what goes on. we are talking incremental steps here. this is certainly a sign the democrats want to let us know about, let's be clear about that. they are letting us know about this setback in negotiations. we had not been getting many details when things were looking more positive. what happens next? a part of theish hugh is once an agreement is made, be optimistic and say they agree. all the air comes out. the things on the list become much harder to get. you don't have a pressure point of trying to get a deal. both sides try to put as much as they can talk about in a deal. by republicans bringing in chained cpi, the social security element, which is according to democrats, we have not heard that from republicans. that introduces something new into the conversation that we have not been hearing since friday. why did they do that? we have to get insight from them. it would have an impact on the deficit. the
Dec 23, 2012 9:00am PST
going to act? >> no. i think 1968 was a generation ago. it was a very different political environment. i mean, as we saw last week, house republicans are not really inclined to compromise on their core principles, which are keeping taxes low and the second amendment. so i think eleanor's right. the only way you can maybe get something passed is to pair it with, you know, other options that they would agree to. they'd say, okay, we're going to get more, you know, mental health resources to prevent this from happening again. and okay maybe we'll agree to some limits on guns. you know, related to that, i would point out that the nra's latest proposal would cost $7 billion according to my back of the envelope calculations. >> you mean to put police officers in every school? >> yeah. you've got 100,000 public schools. right now you have about a third of them that have armed security guards of one kind or another. so that means you've got two-thirds, 70,000, costs about $100,000 to pay a salary and benefits for a police officer so, that comes out to $7 billion. to put that in perspective, t
Dec 29, 2012 9:00am PST
environment becomes more partisan, more toxic, and we don't put a sensible and gradual debt deal in place in time. so what i hope is that if they come up with this way to avert the tax increase for most american families, they also put in place some kind of process that keeps the discussions going. and really, they need to devote themselves to the discussions. january should not be put your head down and focus on ignoring the problem month. it should be bring the leaders back to washington and really have the talks start in earnest if they don't get this resolved in december which it appears clearly that they're not going to. >> okay. the debt ceiling, we're about to reach that limit next week as well. timothy geithner, the treasure secretariry saying he can keep the economy going for a couple of months. what are your hopes for that debt ceiling debate that no doubt is going to have to happen by what, february? >> the debt ceiling in the past has played an important role that is a speed bump when we are borrowing too quickly and don't make any plans to change course. that's been a r
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3